Video Marketing in 2018

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Video has been on the rise in the digital marketing community. From live streaming on Instagram and Facebook, to promoting a product or business through content for your website, video has been shown to be the most effect marketing strategy out there. Here are some example of what video marketing looks like in 2018.

Live Video/streaming

This is a cool new trend that helps connect with social media audiences. Live videos offer the following advantages:

  • Connect users to your brand
  • Easy on the marketing budget
  • Creates curiosity due to the time sensitive aspect of live streams

Vertical & Square-Shaped Videos

Video formats have been evolving thanks to the use of social media marketing. Square videos are currently the most popular on social media due to the layout on phones and tablets. This format takes up 78% more space in the Facebook news section, leading to more engagement. Companies have been taking into consideration how videos appear on mobile devices first.

E-Learning Videos

Instructional videos can be a great way help you pass along information to customers in a clear, visual way.

Sponsored Videos

Paid and sponsored videos can be an awesome idea for social platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. You can even partner with YouTubers and other influencers to boost your content!

360 Degree Videos

360-degree videos are becoming increasingly popular as a way to show experiences and products in an engaging way. Check out our blog on 360-degree videos!


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