Video Event Coverage

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Event coverage is a great way to create content that is engaging for your audience. Everyone loves a good party, charity event and entertainment. So why not create snippets for your website and social media platforms?! This is a great way to bring awareness to those that didn’t attend and also connect those who did attend.


Once you have decided to hire a videography company in order to cover your event, it is important to explain what the purpose of video will be. That way the videographer and editor know what to highlight throughout the whole process.  Some companies want to highlight on the people that attend, others want to highlight on speakers and entertainment. Others just want to highlight the location/decorations. It all depends what your main goal is. A couple options is to do interviews with those that attended to get a more personal feel, shots of people laughing, etc. You could also ask the editor to send you pictures from the video! That way you can post and tag the people in it.


The editor will be the one in charge to follow the instructions given to them and to edit the video as to what the client is looking for. They will also be the ones to create social media snippets.

Take a look at this example of event coverage we did for the Gibbet Hill Cattle Run in 2018!