Is Video Better than Text for my Website?

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Many businesses struggle with the idea of whether or not they should incorporate video into their website. They question whether it will be worth the money and time.

Although that can be a tricky question for when you first opening your business and how you want to spend your money, but for stabilized businesses this can be a great way to market your company.

Video tends to capture the viewer quicker, leave them longer on the website, along with making the percentage of the viewer remembering you a lot greater.

According to iMedia’s article- Why People Respond to Video More than Text: “YouTube estimates 300 hours of video content are uploaded to its platform every minute, generating billions of views each day, while the newspaper circulation in the U.S. continues to drop.” Also, the popularity of YouTube and online videos have skyrocketed, making it easier to access any type of information, including the news: “According to data from Pew Research Center. The rise of YouTube and decline of traditional publishing emphasizes how much more interested we’ve become in visual over textual information. Kaltura’s recent survey indicates that 80 percent agree that video conveys more powerful messages than written communication” (iMedia).

Videos make things more personal and emotional. The viewer can sit there and read paragraph after paragraph (possibly skimming through it), but if the viewer is able to hear and see an interview, they will want to listen in on the whole thing without skipping details. This especially works wonders for Non-Profit organizations and Corporate events, that need to put their cause out to the public in order to gain awareness.

When it comes to online videos every detail counts, down to what the person in the video is wearing. It’s also known that certain colors make us feel different emotions. Many companies prefer to stick with softer neutral tones in their videos and in the work place, or have dramatic coloring in their logo in order to capture the eye. Check out Creative Bloq’s article on 12 Colors and what Emotions they Evoke.

So, to answer your question, video can be greatly beneficial to your business if done properly! Do your research and it is always best to hire a professional videography company.