Top 10 EOS Canon C300 Accessories

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Top 10 EOS Canon C300 Accessories

eos canon c300 accessoriesOne year ago, we bought our first Canon C300. Until the Canon C300, our video production company had been using a comparatively primitive Canon 5D Mark III’s.  Having optimized all the features and benefits of the Canon 5D, the Canon C300 was the next logical step forward. 

Let me preface our C300 stamp of approval by saying that we get no endorsements for mentioning or using these bands and products.  We hope to reduce the stress of searching for the right equipment by sharing the tools to our success.

  1. The Redrock Micro Cage is the best support system. This custom built cage is specifically designed for the C300. Constructed from heavy-duty aluminum, the cage carefully fits into the hot shoe adapter at the top of the camera body, which allows for access to all the major buttons and switches. Of course you’ll need all the grips and rods to accessories the camera more. This is a great foundation for all of options Redrock provides.
  2. Another support system that is very customizable and sturdy is the Striker from Zacuto, designed for lightweight, run and gun situations. We’ve found it helpful for filming event videography such as, weddings and corporate b-roll. The C300 is hard to handhold for long periods of time. Zacuto makes great hand held support systems, of them, the striker is by far the best.
  3. Canon Battery Pack – Can’t go wrong with having too many batteries. We have an arsenal of these since we’re generally on long shoots and away from power.
  4. Canon Power adapter – Once you have all the batteries, you’ll need a couple of extra chargers.
  5. Grip Re-locator – This is a unique product that we only find ourselves using occasionally. The one design “flaw “of the C300 would be that you can’t adjust the servo on the camera as you can on other cameras. This product allows you to remove it completely and re locate on a tripod handle or other tripod support for events.
  6. Porta Brace Case – Once you have all these nifty accessories, you’ll need a sturdy case to store everything in. The Black Porta Brace RIG-3SRK is a large bag with many pockets and dividers to customize the unit. Alternatively, there is a hard case from pelican.
  7. AJA Ki Pro Mini Compact Field Recorder – This is a great option for external recording. The only thing, it can be difficult to shoot or set up proper 24p recording. The c300 can’t output 23.98, because it adds this as a pull down for 59.94. You will need to configure the unit to properly record.
  8. Chrosziel Matte Box – This is a great but expense Matte Box that holds two 4×5.65/5×5 filters. It has a 130mm clamp on the rear plate. It also comes with standard 15mm support rods. If money is not an option, then go for it. However, Cinevate and Redrock also have more cost-effective versions.
  9. Zacuto Follow Focus – This is an expensive follow focus option. If you’re a Zacuto fan, this is a no-brainer. It has accurate movement and is designed to be slip free. Interchangeable drive gears is a plus. Dry erase disc on the side. Perfect for production use.
  10. Last but not least, Canon EOS Lenses. The C300 can accept everything from telephotos to tilt shift lenses. We’re fans of using primes when you can. However, the zoom lenses are very good as well. The 16-35mm f/2.8, 24-70mm f/2.8 and the 70-200mm f/2.8 IS are some of our favorites.

That’s the list.  We hope that you have enjoyed reading it. Feel free to comment below if you have any other suggestions!