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Here are several examples from 2012 of videos produced for internal use. Each company used the videos to pass along to their employees different knowledge, initiatives, and motivational messaging. Traditionally, the lessons learned by managers at an off-site or conference would be passed along by word of mouth or outlines which often disengage employees and could be misconstrued. Video is engaging and can help pass internal messages along to employees with greater accuracy and retention. Using graphics or presentation slides in the videos can help accent the message.

In this video, companies like Konami documented a test run of their new dance video game. Bridgehead used video to help educate their employees about data storage, archiving, and company goals. Kaz USA used video to help the CEO relay a new internal employee initiative, ‘Keep It Sold’.

There are numerous applications for video both internally and externally for your company and McElroy Films can help you get started today.