Ryan Connolly Field Tribute

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A dear friend of ours at McElroy Films came to us to create a video of the Ryan Connolly Field Tribute. The field is dedicated to Ryan Connolly who has passed. The soccer field is located in Winchester, Massachusetts and is open to those who love soccer!

Our client specifically asked for drone footage of the field. Luckily, the weather was on our side! The shots we were able to get are amazing and truly shows how well kept the field is!

Our client also wanted to make sure that the speeches given in the tribute were filmed as well. Family and friends of Ryan Connolly gathered around to speak up against Mental Illness, but also how special of a person Ryan was!

We were honored to be able to film the tribute! Here at McElroy Films we believe in making a difference and a great way to do that is to communicate with people through videos.

Thanks for reading!