Raising money for your non-profit using video

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Raising money for your non-profit can be one of the biggest hurtles one will have to go through. There are many marketing techniques in order to help you along the way. Many non-profits get together events in order to gain awareness for their cause. At these events, their doors are open to donations. A great way to motivate someone to donate is through visuals. Video is a great way to capture someone’s attention and also educate them on the cause. Another aspect that’s great to add into the video is what and how the donations would help make a difference.

Working with a professional video production company can greatly help making your video the most effective. Most video production companies have experience with video marketing and producing. A couple different aspects going into making a non-profit video capture the audience’s attention of course is the length and making sure the content/script of the video is captivating and to the point.

According to Network for Good’s blog: The Top 4 Tips for Nonprofit Video Projects, there are 4 steps to creating a video for your organization.

Step 1: Strategize

Step 2: Find the right production company that fits your non-profit needs

Step 3: Create an emotional connection with the viewer (Script/Story line)

Step 4: Collaborate with the chosen production company

Not only can these types of videos be used for fundraisers/events, they can also be greatly beneficial to websites and social media. For non-profits they survive by ‘putting the word out there,’ in order to do so many organizations utilize social media to gain awareness. Not to mention, the more traffic you have on your website, the better for the organization. That’s why making sure the content your putting out there is up to date and well done.

Check out some more information on video marketing for your nonprofit on Association of Fundraising Professionals blog: How Fundraisers Can Successfully Use Video.

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