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SPARQWe had an exciting shoot yesterday for NIKE in Springfield, MA at the Basketball Hall of Fame. NIKE came to us specifically looking for the Canon 7D for their event. We provided coverage including setup and general overview of the day. The 7D allowed us to be mobile and fast while capturing action from course to course.

SPARQ 2SPARQ 4NIKE’s SPARQ Training division stands for Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction, and Quickness. They were in MA this weekend evaluating some of the North East’s best high school basketball players. Each player evaluated receives a score based on five simple tests. The score is their SPARQ Rating which shows athletes exactly where they can improve their athletic performance through training.

Shooting in the Basketball Hall of Fame was pretty exciting. Standing beneath hundreds of photos and life-sized replicas of some of the greatest basketball players that ever lived was very moving.

To learn more about SPARQ Training click here.SPARQ 3