New Year, New Media

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2015 is fast approaching and every business is thinking, how will this year be different? How will we grow? What can we do to stand out?
An average of 4 billion hours of YouTube videos are watched worldwide per month! If you’ve ever questioned the impact a video can have on your web presence, that figure is your answer. In December of last year alone, there were 181.7 million total unique viewers of online video in the U.S., was your video one of them?
New year, new media, that should be every business’s outlook come 2015. No matter what your background or type of business, there is always a way to incorporate video into your social media presence or website. There are over 2.4 billion internet users worldwide, and in this day and age, a simple website just isn’t going to cut it.
58% of American adults own smartphones, and on average, Americans spend 2 hours a day connected to the internet either via PC or their phones. The truth is, we are bombarded by so much media content on a daily basis that it has become our new normal! The question shouldn’t be whether or not to involve your company in social media and video, but how much and in what capacity.
Whether it be informative, promotional, educational,or just for fun, it’s the most effective way to introduce both current and prospective clients to your organization in an interactive way.
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