Mattapan Community Health Center

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Mattapan Community Health Center (MCHC) is a non-profit organization the strives to improve the lives of those living in the Mattapan, Dorchester, Roxbury, and Hyde Park neighborhoods and beyond. Since the 1970’s, MCHC has been providing comprehensive, accessible, and affordable health care services. Last year, MCHC opened a brand new health facility and recently expanded their services to include Mammograms and other preventative medicine.
Working with the staff and patients at Mattapan Community Health Center was a tremendous honor. Everyone believes in the mission to provide top-notch healthcare to those who need it the most. We shot the interviews with 2 angles: C300 and 5D. The modern look really lends itself to the brand new health facility nicely. The video was shown at the MCHC’s annual fund raising gala event, Rock the Boat, where it was seen by hundreds of potential donors.