Why you should market your business through Social Media!

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Social Media is a great platform in order to get your business out there. If your company is already doing well, but your lacking social media content, creating a video would be a great option for you.

Here at McElroy Films, we have companies that are well off, but are looking to either create a video for social media purposes. Using is as a way to let their audience know what they have been up to.

Marketing through social media has gained popularity through the last couple of years, larger corporations are moving from Facebook, to Twitter, to even Instagram, and the shocking one, Snapchat and it’s working!

Getting good content out there is important. Be unique and versatile in posts in order to gain a larger following. Make sure you’re not only touching the audience that already knows what you do, but also the new audience that have no idea what your business does.

Don’t be afraid to make it personal, taking photos behind the scenes or of employees is a great way to make your social media content more personable. Show the people that make your business run successfully! A great way to do this other than photos is to create a testimonial video of employees explaining what it is they do for the company. Testimonials of clients are also a great way to reach out to the audience.

Events that are being hosted by your company is also great content to put out there. McElroy Films has had several companies come forward and ask for videography to be done for certain events. This is great, due to the fact that it is fun and different. People also love events that tend to give awareness to certain causes or informing the audience of new products/technology that is being put out there.

Placing snippets of your video on social media and the full length video on your website is a great way to gain views of the content you happen to be putting on your website (which in some cases can be looked over, if you don’t promote it on a different platform).

There are many ways to be creative with marketing your company, coming up with ideas can be fun along the way. Pay attention to the ones that happen to gain more attention and being to incorporate that in the majority of your posts.