Why Internet Videos can help Your Business

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Website or social media videos can benefit your business in many ways. These videos can vary in subject and target several categories of viewers. Here at McElroy Films we believe in using the internet to expand and gain attention for your business!

Educate Viewers about Your Business

The video can mainly be focused on explaining what you companies core values and beliefs are. Rather than just writing about it, having a video of an employee or a CEO discuss these topics can make it more personable. Having a face to the company in the video can be very beneficial. These videos tend to be located on the homepage of websites, it is the initial thing a customer sees.

One example, McElroy Films has worked with Ferris Construction. They wanted a video that would be a good fit for their website and it is the initial thing a customer sees once they have gone on their website: http://www.ferris.construction

Another example is that we have worked with the Mama Bear Effect, a non-profit organization that helps bring awareness to child abuse. The video they wanted was also to be lived online! In their video they explain why it is important to bring awareness to abuse and importance of speaking up: http://www.themamabeareffect.org/index.html

Let your Customers tell Their Story

Another great video for your website is a testimonial video. A testimonial video is based on interviewees (loyal customers) that are asked specific questions about the company and why they got involved with you in thScreen Shot 2016-07-14 at 12.19.31 PMe first place. Whether the company has made a large impact on their lives, or for the sole reason that the services provided to their clientele is excellent. This video is another way to gain the viewers’ attention.

This is especially great for non-profit businesses, a lot of the time people may donate to a company, but they never really get a chance to see how these donations and awareness benefits those in need. This is a way to reach out and say thank you to those that take the time to work with the organization and believe in making a difference, because you ARE making a difference!

An example of this is a testimonial video we created for Fenway Health, which is a non-profit community teaching hospital. They wanted to explain the importance of proper health care and how it can change lives: https://vimeo.com/146153964

Market a Product or Service

A lot of the time business can be known by their customers for specific services or products. It can be difficult to persuade or show that a new product/service can be beneficial to their customers. An online video explaining what exactly the purpose is of the product or service and how it can benefit the customer in a new way, can be a great way to get these new ideas out there and on the market!

Here is an example of a video we created for Black Bear Coatings and Concrete. This video was made in order to show the spectacular work being done at the new Down East Cider location in Boston! – https://vimeo.com/172162986

McElroy Films has worked with several companies and organizations that use online videos to target audiences. Here, we know how hard it can be to show customers why they should work with your company, but, good products and hard work sell themselves. A way that companies can show this is through online videos!

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