How to Communicate Your Message with Video

Ben McElroyBlog

Many people describe themselves as visual learners. Using video is a powerful way to deliver your message and engage customers and employees. Here are some tips for making sure that your message is communicated clearly:

1. Determine the goal of your video

Do you want to engage existing customers? Or maybe attract new employees? These videos could look much different, so it is important to have a goal for your video when you begin the project.

2. Have a Key Message

To increase the effectiveness of the project, decide on a key message. This will help you clearly articulate your message. While you may have dozens of ideas for a video, it is important to narrow your focus on one or two key ideas.

3. Show don’t Tell.

Video gives you the unique opportunity to communicate your message by showing how something should be done, rather than just telling. A great example of this is internal communications. Rather than just telling employees how to assemble a new product, a video is an opportunity to show them exactly how it should be done. Using imagery, sound and motion allows you to deliver a compelling story.

4. Choose a video production company wisely

Videos are investments and costs can vary widely. Make sure you work with a video production company that has professional experience a track record of proven results.