Honeywell Dehumidifier 3D Animation Video

Ben McElroyAnimation, Corporate, Featured Video, Portfolio

KAZ Europe_Featured ImageKaz Europe has recently unveiled its latest model of top of the line Dehumidifiers for Honeywell, the HDEO10E. In order to properly showcase their newest advancement, Kaz decided to partner with us at McElroy to create an innovative  3D Animation Video. 3D Animation allows us to have complete creative control in our video services, anything is possible with Animation! Not only were we able to freely manipulate the outward appearance of the Honeywell HDEO10E, but we were also afforded the rare opportunity to reveal the internal functionality of the device all through 3D imaging. It is one thing to be able to explain how a product works to a potential client, but allowing them to see it for themselves brings a whole new meaning to “Product Demonstration” videos. Companies of all types should consider the use of 3D Animation and the endless possibilities it can mean for your business.