Gibbet Hill Cattle Run 2016

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This year McElroy Films was happy to film the Gibbet Hill annual Cattle run! We used drone footage to capture the beautiful field and the runners! It was a perfect way to show the beauty of the nature surrounding Gibbet Hill!

The mixture of getting ground shots and drone footage is to be able to not only capture the scenery, but to get all the runners that participated in this year’s cattle run! We were able to shots from above showing participants getting through the run and also on getting close ups of them.

Our drone pilot was able to get to the perfect height and speed in order to capture these special moments.

Here at McElroy Films we love being able to use drones in order to capture great footage! We are able to shoot from a different perspective, allowing us to be creative, but also be able to work with different types of footage in the editing process.

Thank you Gibbet Hill!