What is an FTP Transfer?

Ben McElroyBlog, Burlington

What is an FTP Transfer? McElroy_Films_2009

An FTP transfer or File Transfer Protocol is what we, in the video production world, use to transfer files from one host to another host through the Internet.  Clients of McElroy Films often ask us what our preferred method of delivery is for files and completed videos.  Often times, there is no singular answer to this question because the method is  dependent on the client’s time frame and technical capabilities, not to mention the size of the files. As a video production company with a far reaching list of clientele, we are accustomed to sending files and products quickly and effectively throughout the country and overseas. This blog works to translate a hardy technological term into a comprehensible explanation of the FTP Transfer process.

FTP transfers occur when the client and the server connect through the Internet to share files.  Unlike a tangible hard drive, the FTP transfer is an ideal method of delivery if the client is not interested in paying for the storage drive, sales tax, and the shipping fees. Despite the shipping cost of hard drives, they are still the best and fastest way to send a large quantity of files, not to mention, they provide timeless data storage. FTP transfers are ideal for sending files remotely, however the process is timely as it takes equal loading and uploading time, from client to the server, therefore a strong and safe Internet connection is recommended for a successful transfer.

Screen Shot of FTP Transfer

FTP transfers can require a login and username in order to allow access whereas other FTP transfers require no login or username.  Be sure to ask your client or vendor if they have a login or username for FTP transfers.  Once the client or vendor has access to the login or files then the files are ready to be transferred. Be sure to monitor the transfer throughout the process. Trust us, we enjoy helping our clients to understand the entire production process, including the delivery process.

If you have any questions regarding various methods of delivery or other facets of the production process then submit your questions to info@mcelroyfilms.com and we will dedicate our next blog post to answering your question.