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Ben McElroy and his crew at McElroy films are an amazing group to work with.  They blend the highest standard of professionalism with an easy going and fun approach to making short videos.  In public health, sometimes our messages can become dry.

Working with Ben and Co. enabled us to spice up the topics at hand, without being irreverent or insincere in our presentation.  When shooting a video designed to promote a health maintenance website, a critical social issue became a major national news story: gay bullying and suicides among LGBT youth.  With the help of Ben, we were able to piggyback a second video shoot onto our scheduled one.  The subsequent video: “Fenway Health Presents: It Will Get Better” ended up being much more significant for us than the original short.  Ben and his colleagues were amazingly accommodating and flexible.  They also infused an easy flowing flair into both of the projects we made together.  McElroy Films meets the client where they are at—for us, we had a fairly high amount of creative input into one project.  The crew took what we wanted to do and made it a reality.  Conversely, when faced with making up something from scratch in a single day, Ben and co. took the reigns and directed us towards a fantastic final product.  Ben also made the secondary things—titles, music, and especially editing look easy.

McElroy Films are truly creative and truly facilitative.  I strongly endorse them and intend to work with them again soon.

Jon Vincent, Program Director for Prevention, Education and Screening, Fenway Health

Click here to watch Fenway Health Presents: It Will Get Better