Campaign Video Production Services

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McElroy Films is proud to announce additional services. We now offer campaign video production for public servants seeking higher office.

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Event Coverage – From Diners to conventions, McElroy has you covered. We use single and multiple cameras to capture your entire speeches or Q&A.

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Campaign Videos – Let the public see your personal side. We can produce a compelling vignettes for your supporters.

Teleprompter – This is an important tool for any scripted message you need to get across.

Green Screen – This is an industry standard for television and web videos. We can replace a background with any information you need. From logos to scenic settings.

True Broadcast HD Production – We Shoot entirely in High Definition video. Proving the highest quality resolution for videos.

Post Production – Once the video is shot we can provide postproduction work on your video including color correction, image enhancement, graphics and audio.

Web Implementation – The final step for your video is delivery. Online video is an essential key to any campaign. Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace are some of the most popular sites to get your message to voters. We prepare, encode and upload your video either to our dedicated servers or launch your video onto social networking sites.

? Traditional Broadcast – Television is still a powerful means to get your message across to voters.  Strategic placement of your television buys is key and makes a difference while campaigning against your running mate.