Boston Pain Care – RFA Procedure Video

Ben McElroyCorporate, Featured Video, Portfolio

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 4.22.37 PMMcElroy Films has partnered with Boston Pain Care and NeuroTherm to create an educational video highlighting the Radiation Frequency Ablation procedure. This video is meant to educate and inform sufferers of chronic Facet Joint pain about an innovative new procedure that will not only determine where your pain is coming from, but will also temporarily block the affected nerves. We had the pleasure of not only doing a one on one interview with Jenelle Paolini RN-BSN of Boston Pain Care, but we were also invited to film a simulated RFA Procedure with Doctor Carlos Fernando Bazoberry. To supplement this material, and add another level of understanding and depth to this presentation, we also created an animated simulation of the RFA procedure within the video. It is one thing to be told how a medical procedure is performed, but to be able to see it simulated in a way that is simple and easy to understand can give peace of mind to any wary patient.