Black Bear Coatings and Concrete: The Process

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Black Bear Coatings and Concrete came to McElroy Films wanting to create a video showing the process of constructing the new Down East Cider Mill floor in Boston, MA!

The shots that our videographers were able to take are just amazing. They were able to really capture the process, which consists of: Surface prep, pitching/patching, cove base/column detail, floor installation, and top coat application.

All of these steps are shown in the video and have titles for when each step has begun, that way the viewer is aware of what the process consists of!

The music also fits just right, it is edgy and goes along with the theme. The editing process of this video went smoothly, due to having such great footage.

Here at McElroy Films, we understand the importance of showing customers what great work looks like, not verbally, but visually!

Great work Black Bear!