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Biblical Ministries Worldwide (BMW) and Evan Collier will be working with McElroy Films to produce a short mini-documentary on the need for church planting and evangelism in the Boston area.

biblical ministries worldwide

Biblical Ministries Worldwide

Evan Collier of Lowell, MA is heading up this important task. By the look of these statistics Evan has a great challenge a head of him. According to the American Church Survey, almost 3.6 million people in metro-Boston are sadly under-churched, 12% Catholic, 2% Mainline, 3% evangelical, and 85% non-Christian. There is a great need for church planting in Boston.

We’ll be shooting in Boston late July getting interviews and footage. Biblical Ministries Worldwide is preparing for an effort in New England, initially targeting metro-Boston, and then extending to other cities and towns in the future.