At Fenway Music Video – Brian Evans & William Shatner

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Brian Evans on the edge of greatnessPitcher At Fenway - Mark Andrew BiltzThe McElroy Film Crew AT FENWAY Park

At long last, we are proud to present a music video like no other: Featuring historic Fenway Park, the Red Sox, a catchy tune, and acting legend, William Shatner! Brian Evans’ song is a perfect, fun anthem for the hundred-year-old park and its fans who have stood by the field and the teams that played on it over the years. It was an honor to help Brian live his dream.

*UPDATE: The video now has over 3.7 million views on YouTube and climbing after just a few weeks.

We first worked with Brian Evans filming a commercial promoting the single, At Fenway, in January 2012 with baseball legend Jim Rice (watch video). It was only natural that the song would need a music video and months later, Brian asked us to produce a music video based on the hit single at Fenway Park.

After months of planning, the video was filmed after a Red Sox home game in September from the hours of 11 pm to 4 am and some of our crew didn’t finish until as late as 7 am. We were allowed all-access to the field and stands (with the blessing of the Red Sox) and even was able to put images of Brian Evans up on the digital Score boards high above center field. The weather cooperated: It was cool, but not cold and the rain stayed away. However, if anyone was cold, he or she didn’t show it: Surrounded by over 200 extras, a cast of baseball players, Brian, and Mr. Shatner, the energy and excitement kept us warm and awake.

Due to the sacred nature of the field, there were many rules and obstacles to overcome. The Red Sox organization had to approve our shot lists and detailed schedule and see diagrams of all of our lighting setups. All of our lighting stands on the field had to be cushioned as to not divot the grass. Only necessary personnel were allowed on the field at any time, and absolutely no monkey business! Although, some of us did get a chance to run around the bases and toss a ball or two for the sake of the video. We treat any set location with respect and leave it better than we found it, but Fenway Park was a location that made the crew feel privileged to even touch, let alone shoot a music video on. It certainly was an incredible experience.

The video was shot on a Red Scarlet that night with some 5d MkIII footage used for B-roll and pickup shots. In actuality, 90% of the footage used in the opening of the video was taken during a Red Sox vs. Yankees game the week before where, despite the Sox’ record, we knew we would run into the most passionate fans. Needless to say, this all-nighter certainly paid off with this fun, cheeky video that celebrates the history, fans, and fun had when attending a game at Fenway Park.