Akamai: What is CDN?

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CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. Akamai wanted to create a video in order to explain what CDN is and how clients can use it. An expert speaks to the camera in directly, explaining the different aspects of CDN. In order to handle issues that arise when creating or managing a website you need to partner up with a CDN and that’s how Akamai comes into play!

The expert discusses how there are several servers all over the world, that help deliver content. Which means that you may have an image, video, etc that you’d like to put out there, in Akamai’s terms “move into the Cloud.” The expert explains that another company may come to them in order to network that content since they know the user, network, which speeds up the process.

He also uses Black Friday as an example on how websites tend to crash. In order to prevent this from happening, as stated before you need to make sure your content is in the Cloud.

We’ve learned a lot! Have you? Take a look!