ABC News Uses Footage from McElroy Films for News Spot

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mcelroy films the fighter

mcelroy films the fighter1/28/2011

McElroy Films was called upon this afternoon by ABC News to help with b-roll footage for their “Person of the Week” Segment. The Micky Ward story is know throughout the Massachusetts community for years. However, it wasn’t until recently that this story gained national media attention with the release of The Fighter.

McElroy Films teamed up local media outlets in Lowell, MA and started producing a documentary called: “Golden Gloves”. Which was shelved right around the first time The Fighter went stale. We ended up putting a few segments together since we had all this fantastic footage laying around. One of the bites that survived can be found on YouTube.

Turns out ABC decided they needed additional footage for tonight’s spot and hit the internet scouring the web for more material. That’s when they stumble across our clip on YouTube. After some brief talks and about an hour of FTP-ing. ABC had what they were looking for.

Click here to see the whole spot on ABC’s site.

Below you can watch our excerpt from the Golden Gloves.