Steps to Prepare for Your Production

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1) Purpose and Message 

Prior to any film being created there is a process when the idea, purpose, and message have to be developed. The purpose of the film can vary, whether it is to gain more clientele and awareness for your business or cause. A film can be a great way to send a message to your audience in a direct or in-direct manner.

Think of what you would like to portray to your audience and also how you would like the business to be publicized in the film. Some businesses prefer to incorporate interviews of employees or clients, as others prefer to use actors and voiceovers in their film. It all depends on the purpose of the film and the message you want to send out. Once you have thought this out, further details can be arranged.

2) Location

Once you have developed the purpose of your film, the next step would be to find or brainstorm the ideal Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 4.26.30 PMlocation. The location is a big deal when it comes to film production…I know, shocking, but honestly the location/background really makes a big impact on your film. Depending on the purpose of the film, some businesses prefer to film in an office, home, or outdoors environment. Finding a good location can go a long way because it’ll be easier to figure out what equipment and lighting will be needed, as well as catching the viewer’s attention.

3) Work with McElroy Films

Working with a Video Production Company can be a great way to develop the film you want and execute your idea. At McElroy Films we know what it is that will make your business stand out. Our Producers and Videographers have experience working in the film industry, creating films for Corporations, Non-profit companies, and Educational videos that are needed to bring awareness to their business for a range of different purposes. McElroy Films not only has the means to develop amazing quality of footage, but also, our Editors will bring to life the vision of your business.

Contact McElroy Films today and get your film rolling!