5 Reasons Quality Content is the “Location, Location, Location” in the Video Advertising Age

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5 Reasons Quality Content is the “Location, Location, Location” in the Video Advertising Age.

The old saw about the 3 most important things in real estate could rightly be applied to video production: “quality, quality, quality”.

You know a cheap commercial when you see one. You make fun of cheap commercials when you see them. The internet and TV are filled with unwatchable dreck, and I’m not just talking about the latest episode of The BigScreen Shot 2016-05-25 at 1.04.48 PM Bang Theory. I’m talking about real product and promotional videos that started out as a business’ honest effort to communicate their products and service but ended up confusing, alienating and pushing away viewers and clients.

There’s another old saying, “Good service ain’t cheap and cheap service ain’t good”, well, that’s how it is with video production services.

If you have a great product, a great cause or a great organization, show it in the best possible light. Before you hire a video production company or “that nephew with a camera” consider that a quality video requires experience, talent, great equipment and professional skills. At minimum you need:

  1. Composition

Whether you’re selling hot dogs, electronics, or insurance the color palette is a critical design element used to trigger certain emotions and feelings. Color profoundly and deeply effects how we feel about a product or business. Consider that most sleepy time pills are blue. There’s a reason for that. We associate blue with serenity and sleep, thus manufacturers make pills blue, except in Italy. There, due to the national Italian Soccer Team color being blue, the color has the exact opposite effect so most sleep aids are white or orange but you’re probably forgot all about that as you just realized how laughably easy it is for marketers to hack your subconscious…

But anyway, the other side of composition is: What is in the frame? What is the interesting element? What is required to make it stand out visually and create a memorable, informative moving picture that tells the viewer how to feel while communicating everything about the product/service/organization? This is where the artist’s eye and imagination are most useful.

  1. Camera

HD Camera Technology is advancing at a truly incredible rate. While anyone can pick up a high-quality camera at an affordable price, using the right camera with the right accessories for the right job under the right conditions (indoors/outdoors – daytime/night time) is what gives your product video that quality element.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 11.54.42 AM

3. Lighting

Often overlooked because, ‘hey there’s enough light to see my product through the little thingy-hole, let’s start filming’ but the fact is lighting is a huge part of the process and takes time and proper attention to set up. Great lighting makes great images.

4. Audio

“Can you smell what I’m saying?” Uhm, no I can’t. And that friends is the garbled, confused, incongruence poor audio can inflict on your video. Nothing turns off or confuses a viewer quite like bad audio. Our ears are very sensitive, ambient noise, poor equalization, terrible effects or low quality microphones gives viewers that “something is wrong” feeling right off the bat.

The audio is like color, a palette. The volume of accompanying music, the speakers voice, the selection of music, the tone, when to and when not to use audio effects, all these things help shape the emotional impact and quality of your video. Like a great camera, you might have great microphones. But capturing great sound is just the first step. The proper mixing and fusing of the sound design elements gives your message maximum impact.

  1. Editing

As far as I am concerned, this is where the rubber meets the road, shakes hands, and says howdy-do. Give me a great editor over a great director any day. They are the unheralded yet most powerful tool in video production and not just because after effects can make me look more handsome and my hips more slender. The impact, quality and content of your video production is greatly enhanced with a great editor. McElroy Films has some of the best and most experienced in the business. They make sure your video is on message, that the dialog is succinct and on point and that the run time and content excite and maximize viewer interest. They mix together all the different camera angles and footage to create comprehensive, entertaining and informative videos.

McElroy Films Studio is stocked with the latest professional editing software suite, high powered computers to give our professional editors all the tools they need to mix composition, camera, lighting, graphics, titling, actors, action, dialog and audio into a powerful film product that will engage and inform customers about your business and product. Start your video production journey today and contact a producer at McElroy Films for a free quote.