4 Engaging Video Content Ideas

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4 Engaging Video Content Ideas

Videography is a great way to create content for your business and website. Video marketing has become increasingly popular. Social media has taken marketing to an all new level. The best way to market your business is to make sure you are keeping up with societies expectations and evolution of marketing. The audience no longer has time to sit and read the about section, but make an enticing video showing the faces of your company and those views may be the key in bringing in clientele- or even bring in more traction on the website. According to Forbes Videos have a compelling way of fostering engagement, yielding results like click-throughs, shares, lead generation, and sales. It is indeed one of the best tactics to bring more exposure to your brand while helping you achieve your bottom-line.”

Brainstorming for ideas?

Here are 5 engaging video content ideas for your website/and or social media platforms!

  • Make an Announcement

One way to get the word out is to create a video announcement! Merging, moving or expanding? What better way to reach to your audience than by video. Adding new services, equipment or any new details regarding your business video is an easy way to make the announcement across all platforms!

  • Customer Testimonials

Word of mouth is what keeps businesses afloat. The majority of people looking for specific services are going to do their research. Whether it is being referred by another client or coming across reviews, testimonials make a huge difference when it comes to marketing. Don’t underestimate those stars!

4 Engaging Video Content Ideas

  • Behind-the-scenes sneak peek

A great way to give your audience a better understanding about what goes into providing services or running a business is a sneak peek of the process. If you are looking to create a deeper connection with your audience this is a great way! Seeing the work that is done behind the scenes creates a better understanding of your business and the services that are provided.

  • Demonstrate how to use your product

Are customers constantly asking questions on how to use certain products? A great way to easily demonstrate how something functions is to create a video explaining the steps! Not only is this easy for the consumer to follow along but it is also brining in traffic to your website! It also helps to be able to send a link over to a client that seems to be having difficulty.

We hope that these ideas have sparked some curiosity into the world of video marketing. The benefits are endless! If you or someone you know are interested in creating an engaging video, McElroy Films LLC is a full-service video production company specializing in commercials, on-line videos, music videos, product instructional videos and other multi-media events. We utilize the most advance, premier quality HD cameras, audio recording and editing technology to deliver high-impact videos that inform and add value to your products and services! Ask us any questions at info@mcelroyfilms.com.