2013 Apple Mac Pro Unboxing Video

Ben McElroyBlog, Press Room

2013 Apple Mac Pro Unboxing Video

2013 Mac Pro

McElroy Films creates our first “Unboxing Video” of Apple’s new Mac Pro. As the name indicates, unboxing videos offer viewers the opportunity to join in the thrill of revealing what’s inside the pristinely packaged box. The craze is so popular that technology and video production companies race to post the first unboxing videos of new products. People tune into web video sites like Youtube to seek out the quirky genre that has audiences of all ages happily living vicariously through others. Enticed by the mystique of birthing a new gadget from cleverly constructed packaging, consumers enjoy witnessing the big reveal first-hand. For high-tech companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Samsung, the extent of their client’s brand loyalty is well documented and inspiring. Given the popularity of the video and our love of gadgets, we decided to film a quirky spin on the “Mac Pro Unboxing Video.”

Filmed in-house, this video shares the excitement of unwrapping a new toy! Staying true to the genre, we created an unboxing clip that features most of the necessary traits, including warm colours, up-beat narration, quirky music, animation, as well as detailed product shots.