FAA Expected to Release Drone Regulations by End of January


Both civilians and commercial drone users alike have been long awaiting an official list of regulations from the FAA. While this release was initially expected to be published by the end of November, industry and government officials are now pushing that timeline to the end of January 2015. While civilian drone use has been allowed up to this point, it … Read More

New Year, New Media


2015 is fast approaching and every business is thinking, how will this year be different? How will we grow? What can we do to stand out? An average of 4 billion hours of YouTube videos are watched worldwide per month! If you’ve ever questioned the impact a video can have on your web presence, that figure is your answer. In … Read More

Fenway Health Men’s Event 2015


McElroy Films visited the Sidney Borum Junior Health Center in Boston yesterday to start filming Fenway Health’s 2015 Men’s Event Video. For the fourth year in a row, we’ve been lucky enough to work with Fenway Health to produce both their Men’s and Women’s Event videos. Fenway Health’s mission is to “enhance the wellbeing of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and … Read More

Brigham and Women’s Hospital implements “Just Culture” program


McElroy Films is excited to announce our partnership with Brigham and Women’s Hospital on their “Just Culture” staff video project. “Just Culture” is a program that promotes awareness and accountability within the medical community, while emphasizing a core system of values and understanding. Our “Just Culture” video will present these concepts to the over 12,000 employees of Brigham and Womens … Read More

3 day conference with Rocket Software


McElroy Films had an amazing 3 day conference shoot with Rocket Software at the Intercontinental Hotel Boston last week! Rocket Software is a leading global software developer based out of Waltham, MA. With a staff of over 1,100 people on five continents, Rocket Software services over 10,000 customers and five million end users. Hosting about 200 attendees, this conference was … Read More

McElroy Films partners with the Visiting Nurses Association of Boston

vna screenshot

McElroy Films is very proud to showcase their latest project for the Visiting Nurses Association of Boston! Established in 1886, the Visiting Nurses Association of Boston is the largest VNA in the United States. The VNA Care Network Foundation & Subsidiaries (which includes their Hospice and Palliative Care organizations) serves over 40,000 patients in over 200 communities. The VNA free … Read More

Harvard Student Agencies teams up with McElroy Films!


McElroy Films has partnered with Harvard Student Agencies to help create their new Online ACT Prep initiative! Over the course of our 5 day shoot we will be filming 56 videos for H.S.A. in our green screen studio here in Burlington. Harvard Student Agencies is the largest student run company in the world, and employs over 500 undergraduates students annually. … Read More

3D Computer Animation Production Process


You may have noticed or it may have slipped by your perception, but almost all of the video content you see in the movies and on TV has been enhanced by computers. Whether it’s as simple as changing the color of an object on screen, or erasing an unwanted sign or license plate to intense processes such as completely rendering … Read More

Boston Drone UAV Video Production


The use of remote-controlled aerial systems has been a hot topic recently as a result of the different rules and regulations in place governing their use in the United States. These systems are classified as UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)  and are commonly called drones or UASs (Unmanned Aerial Systems). The Federal Aviation (FAA) maintains that its current regulations ban the use … Read More

McElroy Films Prepares for Drone Videography in Boston


We are incredibly excited to announce the newest member of the McElroy Films team: our very own UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle). Commonly referred to as a “drone,” the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) refers to this remote-controlled aerial system as a UAS (unmanned aircraft system). Although our UAV is currently on the sidelines awaiting the FAA’s small unmanned aircraft system (SUAS) rule, … Read More