Tips to Building A Brand Identity on Facebook and Twitter

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Who are you? What do you do? What differentiates your company? These questions may sound familiar because they are the cornerstones to building your brand. If these question already have answer then the first phase of social media marketing pre-production is complete. This blog works as a beginners guide to building an online brand via Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook and Twitter effectively expedite the brand out reach process by marketing and advertising across multiple platforms. Why? Mobile media apps and widespread access to WIFI encourage brand awareness by providing people continuous access to the Internet. Facebook and Twitter are accessible and credible marketing and advertising resources for businesses. sites that 189 million users of Facebook and Twitter are mobile app users.  According to, over the past 2 years, the percent of mobile media Facebook and Twitter users has risen exponentially. notes that 93% of marketers use social media for business. Considering that the fastest growing age group for Facebook and Twitter users ranges between 45 to 54 years of age it is safe to say that people of all ages are tapping into the mobile market.  Social media is no longer a tool for younger generations to communicate but an integral tool for modern day marketing and business practices.

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Business accounts can link Twitter and Facebook posts together allowing for cross platform communication with consumers and prospects in real-time.  Friend or follow existing clients, prospects, relevant industry members, or influencers aka popular Tweeters and Facebook accounts, interesting bloggers, and supporters who will build company credibility and spread a brand name. Diversify the content by including quotes, current Events, questions, industry articles, or personal experiences that invites feedback. The goal is to invite people to “like”, “retweet”, “repost”, and share content while demonstrating knowledge about the industry and audience. Video Clips, pictures with clients, and “checking-in” at meetings or events is another approach to social media advertising.

With Facebook and Twitter status updates, trending topics, news feeds, and mobile media applications, businesses can respond to the current aches and pains of a target demographic. In a consumer driven market, personalizing each consumer’s business experience is vital for building brand loyalty and differentiating the business from the competition.