The Value of Testimonial Video Presentations

Ben McElroyBlog

Your neighbor tells you about a new restaurant. You go out, you try it, and you love it! Why’d you give it a try? Because of word-of-mouth. Word-of-mouth is the most traditional form of marketing, so why not use it to your company’s advantage to attract new customers? Publicize real and positive experiences for all to see.  You have several real clients for a reason; so let them speak on your behalf and share their great experiences with others.


When people are interested in a company or product, there may be some initial hesitation. How do they know that you are the best fit for them or that your product is fabulous? They can be easily reassured with positive statements and stories from real clients and customers.  Often people are more likely to make decisions about what to think, and what to do, based on the thoughts and actions of other people.  This is commonly referred to as the ‘Social Proof’ principal. Use the Social Proof principal to your company’s advantage. When your clients speak about your company on your behalf it is much more effective and personal than you doing it because viewers hear first hand experience.

Video testimonials are engaging and add credibility and meaning to your company. Your real clients and customers share their positive experiences with others which gives people confidence in your company/product. This way they can reassure customers that you are the right fit for them. Using actual video and names of real customers gives your viewers a reason to trust your company. Viewers are more inclined to believe that the client is being honest while also understanding your business process and how you can help them.

Even better is when you use a diverse pool of people for videos. This allows customers to relate to a variety of people and experiences. If you have people similar to the clients you are trying to persuade to speak on your behalf, clients are a lot more apt to respond positively.

The Bottom Line

Accentuate the positive! Use your clients’ positive experiences to reassure your viewers and future clients that you are the right company for them. If your testimonials are genuine, you’ll attract new clients!