New Cisco Study: What You Need to Know About the Future of Online Video

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Attention fellow video makers, viewers, and sharers!

McElroy Films is excited to share the latest reports and predictions regarding online video consumption released in Cisco Visual Networking Index: Forecast and Methodology, 2014-2019. Cisco, the multinational technology company that designs, manufactures, and sells networking equipment presented data forecasting global IP traffic in the next few years, and video is a huge part of it. The following are just a few of their jaw-dropping predictions:

  • Globally, consumer Internet video traffic will be 80 percent of all consumer Internet traffic in 2019 – that’s 85% in the US.
  • It would take an individual over 5 million years to watch the amount of video that will cross global IP networks each month in 2019
  • Internet video to TV doubled in 2014. Internet video to TV will continue to grow at a rapid pace, increasing fourfold by 2019

If you think Netflix and viral YouTube videos are already taking over your life, wait until 2019. 80% of Internet traffic will be video traffic, and if you include peer-to-peer file sharing, this number increases to 90%. The study includes Internet video to TV (Netflix), short form video (YouTube), long form video (Hulu), video calling (Webcam), Internet PVR, ambient video, and mobile video.

This impressive increase is of course partly due to the popularity of online streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu and our increasing use of smartphones and tablets. (Half of our daily consumption of digital media already takes place through these devices, and traffic from wireless and mobile devices will rise to 66% of all traffic in 4 years.) But it is also simply due to the number of people that will have access to the Internet by 2019: around 3.9 billion people!

We better get started on making some new videos! How do you think your online video viewing will increase?