McElroy Films in Texas – JT Foxx and Mega Partnering

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JT Foxx Ben McElroy

I had the opportunity to have one-to-one coaching in Austin this past week with JT Foxx. We talked about everything from how to hire the right people for your business to raising money and buying and selling businesses.

JT Foxx is the founder of the “wealth networking” company Mega Partnering.

Foxx is one of the top wealth coaches in the field. Buying and selling properties, real estate, and business investments have given him the knowledge to mentor other businesses and owners all around the world.

JT Foxx Ben McElroy

We discussed were setting targets, creating policies, products & procedures. Pretty much business 101 from the best in the business. These fundamentals are on the agenda at all the Mega Partnering events which feature guest such as Bret Michael, Eric Trump, Arnold Schwarzenegger and more. This information is invaluable for any CEO or business owner.

To run a successful business you need numbers. Without data you’re dead. It’s very difficult to invest and grow a company without knowing where you’ve been and current trends. By setting measurable goals and acquiring data from finance and sales, you can begin to form a strategy for your business.

Branding your company is also vital. The aim is to dominate your industry and show potential clients your worth and value. In our industry, we’re an authority of video production. There may be other companies in Boston that produce film and video, but that doesn’t mean they are the right fit. Looking for the right company is critical. To find out more about video production, specifically, check out this article we wrote on how to choose a production company in our comprehensive price guide to video production.

We’re looking forward to the new year and partnering with many talented and skilled individuals in the marketing & branding world. Our hope is to be able to share how we implement business strategies to expand our company and how that might help you too.